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What should be known before taking health insurance?

1. Whether the company belongs to IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India). To see that, IRDAI can visit the site,

IRDAI Welcomes You

2. What is the past history of insurance company? To understand that, it is necessary to create a proper comprehensive understanding of the company. health insurance.

3. What kind of treatment will provide insurance coverage?

4. Insurance claims cannot be done to treat what types of diseases. health insurance.

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What should be known before taking health insurance

5. What is the method of doing insurance claim?

6. Cashless treatment i.e. whether there is a facility to pay directly from the company to the medical provider. In this case, there should be a TPA i.e. Third Party Administrator method.

7. If there is TPA, there are some medical centers connected to its network. health care.

8. Whether the medical centers connected to the TPA network agree to the standard. mental health near me.

9. If treated anywhere other than a treatment center that includes TPA, then there is a facility to claim medical expenses or not.

10. How long the waiting period, i.e., how long after the policy is made, will be effective for any claim.

11. Claim is not available in case of any chronic disease. health insurance.

12. What kind of medical expenses will be available and will not be available. health literacy.

13. Where the cost of treatment will be claimed instead of the TPA facility, how long is the time limit for receiving the claim?

14. What is the difference between the premium rates of different companies in terms of policies with equal benefits, that is, the premium is low for a company.

14. Some companies need to create a comparative understanding of these issues. health insurance.

The terms and conditions of the insurance company are very wide and written in small letters. In many cases it is not possible to read them patiently. So, in this case, you have to rely on the words of the company representative.

It is the responsibility of the company representative to explain everything to the policy applicant in detail and to clarify any curiosity about it. Usually the company representatives do that.

In case it does not happen, there are various problems. Then you have to hear, “No, I won’t get it, you won’t get it, it was taluk disease before the date so and so, it was all written in the terms and conditions of the policy”. Then it seems that, it would have been better to have a policy for another company. health care

Therefore, it is necessary to check this before making a policy so that most of the medical expenses are available from the insurance company.

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