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What does home insurance offer?

Home Insurance includes coverage as important as covering your home against fatal catastrophic risks (Cyclone, Earthquake, Flood and Water Damage by Cyclone) as well as non-catastrophic but equally fatal risks such as explosion, Malicious Damage, Damage by Airships and Land Vehicles, Accidental Water Damage, among many others offered by the different insurers in your country.

For example, in the Dominican Republic, we have the multi-risk modality for homes, which includes coverage even for household electronic equipment, Machinery Breakdown, for the power plant and locksmith among others no less important.

In my country, there is no culture of insurance for housing and it has been difficult to get a large number of owners of houses/apartments to understand that they must not only be insured when the property is tied to a mortgage loan but also when it is not, because you have to be aware that with a claim you can be bankrupt and recover economically it can take years. The most curious thing is how economical it is and yet not many people are encouraged to have their home insured.


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