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Smoking Scratchbeauty and Femininity the Woman smoking girl.

Tobacco companies deceive women that smoking is a manifestation of beauty and beauty smoking girl,
and attractive to women, and these companies connect these tricks and flaws through
Several means, smoking girl, including employing some weak souls of artists to smoke during
Their appearances in cinema and television drama. smoking girl, But our girls are too smart to fool them.
The tricks of these companies. We are pleased with the anti-smoking program at the Ministry of Health
In Saudi Arabia, we have to put this scientific information in the hands of our girls. smoking girl,
which proves how false and deceiving tobacco companies are in linking women’s smoking with
Their beauty and attractiveness.
Introduction: The effect of smoking on the skin, smoking girl,
In a study of the effect of smoking on skin moisture in women, it was found that the most smokers
Ten cigarettes a day are worse for skin moisture than non-smokers.
Recent studies have shown an important link between smoking and acne.
In one study, women who smoked were more satisfied with syllables than
Non-smokers are more likely to develop severe effects of psoriasis. The effect of smoking on the mouth and teeth
Tooth pigmentation and dental fillings: Smoking causes the color of teeth to change more than
It is caused by tea and coffee, which affect the aesthetic appearance of the tongues.
Bad breath: Smoking is a common cause of bad breath and affects
negatively on my sense of taste and smell.
Smoked palate: Where the smoked palate becomes pale in color with the spread of a number of spots
The small, red-headed duel, which is actually the nozzles of channels.
Salivary glands that are sick due to smoking.
The Yalini pigment is in the smokers’ mouth: and it pretends to be spotted with intent inside the mouth.
Dirty tongue Coated tongue
The tongue is covered with more food, germs, and an empty mouth cavity.
The scaly. The effect of smoking on the eyes smoking quotes.
Such as high carbon dioxide in the blood in smokers to impaired ischemia
Lead gas first a
The blood of a speech around the sensitive eyes affects its regeneration, which is aesthetically offensive.
For women seeking aesthetic perfection, the effect of smoking is limited to what is around
eyes but extends to what is deeper and quickly fades the luster of the eyes because of the weakness
The secretion of blood with the updated evaporation of smoke, as affected by the eyelashes of the eyes
With heat and frequent infections of the eye in conjunctivitis and dry eyelids. The impact of smoking on women’s voice
Perhaps the voice of a woman is the latest key to her femininity and beauty, the quiet and balanced voice
The gentle tone is a source of exhisiacence that reflects her personality and we will ask you:
Did you hear a chimney sound when you, chimney, did you try to record your voice on
Registered and listening to him?
Smoking causes chronic laryngitis due to direct smoke inhalation. smoking room hotel.
for the throat and vocal cords and hinder the movement of the cleaner cilia of the airway which
Causes the accumulation of harmful substances and pathogens causing chest diseases
That pretends to cough, greed, and chest pain. is smoking weed bad for your heart?
The chronic high and the scratching of the vocal cords causes the sound to fade and rough,
And this effect increases with smoking addiction and its persistence to turn out to be an emergency incidental thing.
To a permanent order. smoking images. smocking.

And that’s where a woman loses her distinctive female voice and her voice becomes
Rough, manly. Smoking distorts your chest with malignant cancer. Smokin Aces.
A woman’s chest is one of her most important beauty machines, but unfortunately, smoking threatens this.
The aesthetic source. smoking girl.
Tobacco of all kinds and means is one of the most important factors in the incidence of cancer.
breast as the incidence of breast cancer among smoking women increases about
30 percent of the incidence among women who have never smoked and this increases. smoking room hotel. smoking ribs.
Risk at the chimney for a long time ( 20 years and above )
The health and beauty of the breasts are secrets of femininity and attractiveness in women, so they spoil them.
Smoking. Smoking causes agility, one of the tricks of tobacco companies.
Perhaps one of the most important tricks that tobacco companies hunt girls is that smoking
It causes agility and reasoning because those who quit smoking increase their appetite and gain weight
. And we can invalidate this deceptive information with a lot of scientific data. is smoking a sin.
Among them are:
• Smoking inhibits the action of insulin hormone in the blood and thus increases the level of
blood sugar so smoking is one of the factors causing diabetes, smoking gun.
• This sends false signals to the center of appetite in the brain and reduces
the desire to eat which leads to inhibition of appetite for food and ill
Nutrition is a waste of the body’s imagination.
about women for agility and beauty. Smokin joes.
• The weight gain that occurs when some quitters are only
2 kg and a person can simply overcome this increase by following
Simple daily exercises such as half-hour walks and moderate food intake
And drinks.
• Smoker is in chronic physical inflammation as a result of body-free reaction
with harmful chemicals contained in tobacco, resulting in inflammation
chronic to the occurrence of pallor and wasting in the body was marketed by companies
Tobacco is a kind of agility and beauty. smoking lungs.
• Then forget to express our great astonishment at who offers poison in honey
And they are tobacco companies. smocking dress.
More than 7,000 harmful substances, including about 40 substances that cause cancer in order to
He is underweight 2 kg and through unsafe mechanisms. Women’s use of shisha
Contrary to her appearance and femininity.
It has long been believed that cigarettes are harmful to health while shisha
Or what’s known as weak-damaged hookah, but recent studies have denied this belief.
Dramatic results were provided for the effect of shisha on health even those exhausted hooks or
use as its promoters claim.
The harmful effect of shisha is limited to smoking
tobacco or honey) which is tobacco mixed with
Rotten fruits.
Fruits containing some crusts
Fruit, such as apples, cantaloupe, peaches,
Which are fermented and treated with a waltz.
Which is black honey or glycerin as a substance.
The truth is, the danger here is this.
Substances that turn into highly toxic substances.
Glycerin causes burning by coal. smoking fish.
To the formation of an acro line, which is a substance.
Highly toxic. Smoking accelerates women’s aging
Although at first glance you saw the similarity between them and thought as I thought that the woman who
On the right is the woman’s mother on the left, who said they were twin sisters.
And after the previous narrative, I think you knew why a vast difference between them.
They’re three-year-old sisters.
A chimney about twenty years ago.
And yellow teeth and cloudy eyes.
The for many years, the chimney has been proven to look older than her age.
Twenty years.
A 40-year-old smoker would look the same as her non-smoking wife.
A. 60.
Look at the picture.

Natural femininity hormone
I have a non-chimney.

Abnormal femininity hormone
I have the chimney.

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