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People who smoke or do feel more physical pain smoking quotes.

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A new study has revealed that people who smoke, even those who smoked earlier and have now given up, suffer more physical pain than non-smokers smoking quotes.

A new cull study conducted with 220,000 people has revealed this information.

Despite not knowing the reason for this for sure, smoking quotes, researchers believe that smoking regularly at some point can lead to a drastic change in the body is smoking weed bad for your heart.

The study was based on data from people who participated in an online BBC survey in the UK from 2009 to 2013.

The people who participated in the study are divided into three parts: is smoking weed bad for your heart smoking girl.

People who smoke or do feel more physical pain smoking quotes.
People who smoke or do feel more physical pain smoking quotes.

Never smoked regularly
Once upon a time he smoked regularly
Currently smoking regularly
They were asked about the extent of their physical pain and later placed the answer on a scale ranging from zero to 100 based on their answers.

Current and former smokers get an average of 1 to 2 points more than those who have never smoked, meaning their physical pain rate is higher than that of non-smokers.

Or rather, giving up smoking is more likely to cause physical pain in the future is smoking weed bad for your heart.

Dry Olga Pesky, one of the researchers, told the BBC, “The main discovery of the study is that former smokers also live with more physical pain. ”

“But it is not yet certain whether it makes sense medically. ” smoking quotes

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Why does smoking have to do with physical pain?

Scientists are still unsure what physical pain has to do with smoking. is smoking a sin.

There is a perception that some of the thousands of types of chemicals used in cigarettes damage tissues – causing pain in the body.

There is another idea that smoking can have a long-term effect on the body’s hormones.

But there may also be the possibility that smoking is not actually a cause of pain, but a symptom.

The reason for this idea is that people with the disorder feel severe pain or are more likely to smoke – research has also shown evidence of this.

So it may be that people who are more likely to express pain are more likely to be smokers.

However, researcher Dr. Perky says smoking is associated with severe pain in the body and back pain, research has revealed before smoking girl.

“It was first discovered in 1950 that smoking had to do with lung cancer,” said Deborah Arnott, chief executive of the anti-smoking campaign group Ash. Since then, research over the past few decades has revealed that smoking leads to worse conditions in almost all health problems smoking girl. ”

“Smoking can cause blindness, deafness, diabetes, dementia and infertility in addition to cancer, heart disease and respiratory diseases. In addition, after the operation, smokers take longer than non-smokers to recover. Smokers are also more likely to not have a successful operation than non-smokers. “

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