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Not Having Health Insurance + That Time.

I’m not feeling great and um, of course, my brain is jumping to COVID.

I am vaccinated and I don’t leave this house, so why did my brain go there?

But anyway, I decided to make a simmer pot because I think it might help clear up some of my sinuses. I’ve never made one but apparently, it helps oh, alright!

Anywho this brings me to the point that I don’t have health insurance. I don’t have health insurance, which is really messed up. I did sign up for it but I can’t afford it. I literally can’t even afford like the cheapy 40 a month one.

So, I’m being that girl right now, and uh doing what I can do all the natural kind of home remedy kind of stuff, but which is an improvement! There were years in my life where I mean I haven’t been to a doctor in years but not even going to a doctor I did not take care of myself at all. I’m going to eat this little guy. health insurance.

I mean you can really only do what we can do but I wasn’t even doing what I could have done.

Do you know what I mean?

But I’m cognizant of that, so hey there’s that! This does remind me however of when I went to the hospital a couple of months ago because – this is such a dumb story, I thought that I broke my foot going live on Instagram.

I know, I know. It hurt. It hurt really bad. I was doing an Instagram live cause I was doing that whole IG badges thing, right? And I must have been sitting on my leg like I was sitting on my bed but I must have had like one leg you know underneath me.

Um, and I got up as soon as I was done with the Live and I started to walk and I put weight on obviously both legs right because you’re walking and that whole leg must have been like asleep because I just fell and it was like tingly and it was just… Anyway, I got some footage of that. Let me roll it. health insurance.

Hello. I did something stupid. I went Live and then I tried to get up but my whole leg was asleep. Injury by Instagram live. So, we made it to the hospital. Myah’s taking care of me, um I don’t know if you guys can see that but we made it. Hopefully, this is not as bad as I think it is.

I got the bill. It was a 300-dollar emergency room visit. Now I wouldn’t have had to have gone to the emergency room that’s not true maybe I would have still gone to the ER because I felt like I broke up something. Like I heard a snap, you know.

Should I do one more?

No. Okay, um I’ve never made one of these but I feel like cinnamon has to be in it. But to have like a primary care doctor would be great and like, a basic human need, you know. So, know that I need to make a priority like everything else I feel like everything is just like, health insurance, so high priority right now, as I try to get my finances together.

And it’s okay, I know things will get better um I know the fact that I’m doing this sharing my life on the internets you know um that maybe this will strike a chord with someone and they’ll be inspired to get their life together because I certainly do not have mine together maybe I’m your cautionary tale um but it’s not all bad.

I feel like there have been lots of really great improvements too. Should nutmeg go in this? Turmeric maybe? Turmeric would definitely clear up my sinuses, let’s be real.

I hope it doesn’t stay in that pot though anyway, these are random thoughts. Not having health insurance is not fun. Um but it’s also understandable. So, if you’re in this position like me I’m sorry that that is the case like I’m sorry that anyone has to go without health insurance.

Having this channel makes me feel definitely a little bit less alone in this financial journey and um I hope that you are all being safe and taking care of yourselves. I’m doing my best. My best sometimes doesn’t feel like enough um but, health insurance, I could spiral out on that quite a bit not feeling like enough.

Not feeling like um, I know what I’m doing because let’s be clear, I don’t, um but I know I feel better doing this. So, there’s that. Um, anywho. Deep talks over-sharing Sarah out. I will talk to you all later. Okay, bye!

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