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Well, this is exciting news to share this morning teachers at a charter school in Riverview got a big surprise. health. Thanks, tithe creativity of their principal and The folks handling their new health insurance. last year Bennett comp health Insurance, helped kids’ community college. Get this saved more than a hundred and thirty thousand dollars in health insurance. Costs Karen Pittman worked directly with the school, uh to help make those changes Happen. she got to see the reactions.

I know the from the teachers who got bonuses thanks to the savings as well. So, good morning Karen glad to have you on the show today good morning thanks to you so much for having me you must love your job. and being able to help certainly teachers. and I know other businesses as well talk about the beacon. Because, this is the first time I’ve heard about this company, and you’re right here locally perfect uh so Benaco health solutions, we are local to the Tampa Bay area uh this is where we are headquartered um. and so, we work on health insurance for companies across the country, but last year we were able to start working with a local charter school kid community college.

And you’re right we were able to save them135 000on their health insurance costs. And so, the leaders of the company were so thrilled they decided to take that money and put it right back into the teacher’s pockets. So, they gave them full bonuses last year which was really exciting uh. that’s amazing and certainly, with the year that they had as well, hukou were telling me that teachers, and real people when they hear about this. they’re shocked why is thirtyish, you should have seen the faces they were in disbelief. Because, um you know kids’ community college has always offered health insurance.

To their teachers, it was always really important to them as a part of their compensation but for the very first time, the owners were seeing that instead of giving increases in insurance premiums. they were able to reduce the amount that the teachers had to pay so for them, before encamp came on they were actually facing an increase of about
63 000in their annual insurance costs, which we collectively decided that just wasn’t going to fly that wasn’t fair um to the company or their, we implemented a plan that uh avoided that big increase and then also saved them an additional uh. hundred thirty-five thousand dollars.

So, um that was amazing and I don’t I mean I you know I hate to get kind of the specifics of it. But the obvious question is how are you able to do this, and obviously, are you going to be able to help other companies who might be interested in this sure of course. so, some of the things that we did really started with engaging the teachers we really wanted to educate them on their particular health. their personal health and also healthcare. so, it’s kind of like teach the teacher and the first thing that we did also was to really incentivize the use of our incentive program. which allowed them to reduce their deductible by 3 dollars just by participating in an annual health screening.

And start to see some of their health risks, and then do something about it um so it’s kind office the good driver discount for healthcare. where on the off chance that you beware of your wellbeing. and you do the right things you can earn thousands of dollars back in your pocket. So, that was the first thing and then secondly, we know how busy teachers are they invest all of their time and energy into their students so we had to make their healthcare accessible. and so, what we did was we offered them virtual telemedicine. So, that it was easy to get then also virtual health coaches that help them with their individualized health. So, we were able to give them early detection early diagnosis, and really move the needle on their health.

That’s awesome well we’ve been showing the website the phone number to call I’d imagine uh this is definitely going to pique some interest. I think for some other businesses maybe other schools going hey we want this as well is that the first place maybe to StarTeam absolutely visit us on our website and we’ll have more & more information for you there. well, Karen thank you so much thanks humor helping all of these teachers in the subcommunity out. it’s just wonderful we appreciate your time this morning.

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